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Google Penalized Your Website? Our SEO Can Help

Google is sparing no efforts to improve the creativity, experience and developmental aspects of the websites through regular updates, algorithm tweaks and modifications. To enhance the user experience and eliminate poor content, Google has set its foot forward to inflict penalties on the sites that break Google’s rules. The penalization consequently hampers the Web presence of the company.
Google Penalty Recovery
What types of penalties
Manual penalties arise when a site doesn’t meet the defined quality standards in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. These are in consequence to the artificial links that lead a visitor to a website.
One may not always come to know about the algorithmic penalty since these are automated and a result of updates like Panda and Penguin. These algorithmic penalties chastise the sites for low quality content bringing down the ranking. They come without any notification and results into a significant damage to your position on web.
why does a site receive a penalty?
General spamming – If the site contains obscure, scrapped content, hidden text or keywords, spam-linking, it surely invites  a spam penalty.
Poor content/lack of content – A site’s ranking is hit usually due to low or poor quality content that affects the user experience.
Purchased links – One of the primary causes of being penalized by Google is the practice of buying links. Even SEO experts have termed purchasing links as an act worthy of penalty.
Hidden/broken/bad links  – Hidden, broken or bad links are another cause of being penalized by Google or other search engines. Links determine the success of a website. Links that can be openly accessed by visitors despite being invisible tend to bring the site under suspicion.
My site is penalized… now what I do?
Architecture – Building coherent information architecture would help improving navigation of the site. Also the information on the site will be easier to find.
Site speed Loading – speed matters a lot. Improving the speed would definitely boost the site activity, conversions and search ranking.
Long-click optimization – You are sure to get rewarded by Google if you provide content that comprises of relevant information according to the search query of the user. (Long click- staying for a long time on the page one is taken to after clicking a search result)
SEO audits Optimizing – the site enhances the user’s experience for your site. One also needs to build a website so as to be easily understood by the web crawlers and making it accessible.
Take steps to boost domain authority
Better page authority
The site has a better chance of obtaining more links over time if more number of useful and practical pages is created within the site.
Links to sites with established authority
The site’s reliability can be improved by connecting it to others having a higher domain authority. Doing this helps enhance the site’s own domain authority. To increase the value of a site’s domain authority, one needs a brand development strategy. Such a strategy helps to build a comprehensive site with a better quality content, strong page authority, better promotion, internal link building etc.
Optimize your brand
Optimising the brand would help  improve  the quality of brand associations one has  across the Web. Incorporating ideas, topics and services would help to add expert value to your brand name effectively.
I’ve tried everything, I’ve waited, and nothing worked… now what I do?
It is a tedious process to recover from the after effects of a penalty inflicted by Google. One should seek professional SEO service to help regain normalcy, improve the recovery rate, preventing and protecting the site from any penalty that is detrimental to the company’s position. Brand management services would help you connect more with the audience.
Our SEO Can Help

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